Communicate stutter-free on online video calls
Feel confident during important meetings
Diminish your stress and anxiety on work calls
Be sure your voice is heard
FluentaAI is a secure software program that converts your whispered speech into stutter-free natural speech in your voice in real time during online audio and video calls. Try it out today!
Our product participates in the NVIDIA Inception program
is designed for people with stuttering
and other speech impediments
Our converter is real-time software that changes whispering to natural, smooth speech without stuttering.
Why whispering? There is an 84% decrease in stuttering when whispering.

We use this whispering method successfully in our speech converter.
Listen to how voice sounds BEFORE and AFTER using FluentaAI
Whispering before conversion

Voice after

How it works:

The parameters of your voice are stored in an impersonal form, do not contain identifying information, and are not available for use by third parties
How to get started:


Download FluentaAI to your computer or mobile phone

Install, then run the program


Connect headphones with your headset

To set up your voice data, you need to record your normal voice


Turn on an online calling software

e.g., Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Discord, or Microsoft Teams. Select FluentaAI as the microphone in the settings


Start whispering, and the program will convert your whisper into natural speech without stuttering

Programs suitable for working with FluentaAI
  • exams
  • interviews
  • meetings
  • public speeches
  • tension
  • worry
  • stress
  • anxiety
Stay calm during
FluentaAI can help you:
Customer Feedback
  • Graciela Carvallo
    Twenty-six years old, shipping company manager, Chicago

    Uses FluentaAI for more than half a year
    I like working with clients, but sometimes I get impatient with them. When people finish my sentences and start rushing me, I intuitively try to speak louder and faster. It's very stressful. Thanks to FluentaAI, I don't feel that stress anymore, and I can control my speech really well without raising my voice.
  • Chris Davies
    Thirty-one years old, bank manager, Cincinnati

    Uses FluentaAI for eight months
    I have had problems communicating with my colleagues and management. Sometimes, it is hard for them to understand what I say, so I periodically stay quiet and try not to speak at all, even when I know the subject well. FluentaAI has helped me become more confident. Now I can participate in online conferences and freely discuss and comment on work projects and whatnot.
  • William Thompson
    Sixty-eight years old, retired, San Diego

    Uses FluentaAI for two months
    Yes, I experience discomfort when communicating, though I accepted my stuttering long ago. The most difficult thing is to strike up a conversation with new people. FluentaAI is not a cure-all, but it makes me feel a lot less anxious when communicating. With the help of this software, I've started to communicate more through video calls and I've even met some new interesting people.
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One-year plan
  • Supports up to 2 devices
  • Five hours per day limit
14 days free
  • Supports up to 5 devices
  • Unlimited use
  • A Personal Manager
One-month plan
14 days free
About Us
FluentaAI is a research product founded in 2020. We develop new technologies that help individuals overcome the challenges of stuttering and other speech impediments. Our goal is to help you interact with the world more comfortably.
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